Daviani Shirts European Shirts

Daviani Shirts offers a collection of exquisite button down shirts in a variety of colors, prints, reversible cuffs and Italian collars. Our European quality and an eye for details makes our line remarkably unique as well as affordable for all. 

Every man knows, all shirts are not created equally. Daviani Shirts prides itself  in making the most affordable yet luxurious shirts that are designed fit the body and show off your physique in the most flattering way, without clinging or bagging. Our slim fit cut offers the best possible fit for all body types. We use only high quality European 100 percent cotton fabrics. We offer a variety of looks but our most popular ones are the three in one styles. 

One of the details that differentiates us from our competitors is ours cuffs. While men’s shirt cuffs come in two different varieties, French and barrel, we offer most of our shirts in one. The contrast of the reversible cuffs that adds a contemporary look to a shirt as well as the option to roll it up and wear it as a three quarter sleeve makes it a three shirt in one. These options are all left up to you. You may achieve three different looks in one shirt. Why pay extra for three different looks while you can achieve it with one Daviani Shirt.